Glee Celebrity Karaoke at Sundance Film Festival


Services: Event Production, Celebrity Marketing, Media Relations & Publicity


• Partnered with 20th Century Fox to produce a star-studded and exclusive Glee Celebrity Karaoke media event at Sundance Film Festival to support the DVD release of Glee Season 2.

• Secured celebrity attendance for the event, including Rosie O’Donnell, Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Olsen, Swayze, Chris Young, Blake Lewis, Rachel Leigh Cook, the Sham-Wow Guy (no, seriously) and many others.

• Secured media event coverage and release mentions with major outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Access Hollywood, Hollywood Life, OK Magazine, IMDb, and others.

• Over 500 guests in attendance.


• The campaign yielded an estimated 25 million media impressions via online, television, and social media for 20th Century Fox and the Glee Season 2 release.

• Engaged celebrities and media personalities with the Glee brand, created an exclusive, media-attended event, and helped push the release messaging out in a creative and fun way.