Paramount Vantage ‘Into The Wild’ Promotional Tour




• Partnered with Paramount Vantage to produce a 4-month summer road experience for the theatrical release of Into The Wild.

The Live Wild Tour featured a 30-foot branded RV stopping at major outdoor music and camping festivals, college campuses, national parks, beaches, lakes, concerts and regional events to spread awareness about the film and several environmental causes.


• Informational booths at each location provided eager fans with the opportunity to log their personal travel stories while brand ambassadors distributed promotional materials for the film.

• The entire experience was documented through an online video tour diary created in collaboration with social networking community imeem.

• Traveling through 25 major cities, 16 music festivals and 10 college campuses over the course of the summer, The Live Wild Tour resulted in over 9.5 million targeted impressions for the film.